Chromebooks for Community Colleges

Thousands of Chromebooks are being distributed to students across all nine colleges within LACCD.

By Sarah Best, News Editor

With the demand of Chromebooks exceedingly higher than their supply, only about one-third of the requests have been met, leaving nearly 7,000 LACCD students wondering when they will get theirs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all students nationwide to transition to online learning but lack of reliable access to a computer has left some looking to their school to provide them with such resources. Starting with nearly 500, the district has since received over 10,000 Chromebook application requests. With 2,000 laptops being donated thanks to The LAVC Foundation, the entire district is working daily to provide each student in need with one.

“This is all being coordinated directly by The LAVC Foundation and the foundation is probably not going to be able to meet the demand that we now know,” said Vice President of Student Services Florentino Manzano. “At LAVC, we have 631 requests.”

“Chromebooks for students are also being rolled out, but slower than we might like,” according to an update released by Valley. “Strategies for expediting the process of getting this technology into the hands of students are also being considered.”

Students can expect to receive an email after their application has been filed and reviewed, stating that they have been awarded a laptop. The Chromebooks will then be mailed out in an effort to uphold the mandate of social distance and limited contact, and ensure the safety of both students and all of those involved. Last week, the LACCD’s corporate office in downtown Los Angeles was acting as a curb-side laptop pick up site, but after a case of the virus occurred, the decision to use a mail-exclusive form of distribution was established.

“The first shipment went out to those students and we’re continuing that,” commented LACCD Director of Institutional Advancement Michael Fuller. “I’ve been giving the information to the vendor to ship them out all throughout this last week and we’re trying to actually increase the number that we send out every day.”

Forty-five minutes are allotted to complete the application and the last day to apply is June 30. In addition to the school you attend, your major and the number of units you are currently enrolled in, the application’s only question that requires explanation is the student’s circumstances that warrant the need for a laptop. Students can apply to receive a Chromebook by logging into the Valley portal or by clicking here to be directed to the application. Once the student receives the laptop, it is theirs to keep and does not have to be returned.

“The objective is to create as few barriers as possible, so when a student applies they just answer that question,” said Fuller. “I would say probably 98-99 percent of the applications get approved.”

In a closing statement, Fuller offered advice to students saying, “Hang in there and be resilient. We are trying to do our best to give help to you and we want students to succeed and we’re working very diligently to make sure that that happens.”

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