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President Dr. Erika Endrijonas leaving LAVC for PCC

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Valley’s President of 4 years ventures off to another community college.

By Meg Taylor, News Editor

As the fall semester comes to an end, so does Erika Endrijonas’ role as Valley College’s President as she accepts the Superintendent position at Pasadena City College.

Prior to her career at Valley,  Endrijonas was Executive Vice President and Accreditation Liaison Officer of Oxnard College. In Aug. 2014, she entered her position as Valley’s President to a campus that was experiencing accreditation and budget difficulties. Along with help from a team of advisors, Valley has made substantial progress since Endrijonas’ arrival.

“LAVC is now very much on solid footing,” Endrijonas said Monday.  “It’s been a wonderful place to experience being a first-time President and I am grateful for the opportunity to have led such a wonderful college.”

The USC graduates’ career has always been focused on finding new ways to ensure that students of all backgrounds succeed in their goals no matter how big their dreams may be. Although she has enjoyed her time at Valley, PCC offers a new challenge for Endrijonas and the opportunity to help more community college students.

“I felt ready to move from being a President in a multi-college district who reports to a chancellor to being a Superintendent/President of a single-college district who works directly with the Board of Trustees,” said Endrijonas. “PCC is a forward-thinking college with an excellent reputation and I wanted to be part of the excitement there.”

When asked about what her time at Valley has been like and what she would miss most, Endrijonas noted her fondness of the school as well as admiration for the staff, faculty, administrators, and students. Although, she will not physically be part of Valley’s community anymore, she wants to leave students with a message of pride and ambition.

“Keep working towards your goals and remember that there are lots of dedicated staff and faculty who are here to help you succeed,” she said. “Remember that you are part of the Monarch family at THE Valley College!”

One schools loss is another schools gain; PCC is thrilled for the addition of Endrijonas to their faculty. She will assume the role of their president in Jan. 2019.

“Dr. Endrijonas is exactly the leader that PCC needs at this moment,” said Anthony R. Fellow, Ph.D., board president of the Pasadena Area Community College District. “Her exceptional record as an administrator and her service throughout her community have distinguished her as a stellar executive who will guide the college into the next chapter of its history.”


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