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Edward Segal is a second-year student at Los Angeles Valley College trying to get his AA-T in Journalism. He joined the Valley Star in the Fall of 2021 as a staff writer.


Edward spent his first year at college earning credits for his psychology major, before switching to Journalism in December 2020. He has been going for his AA-T in his major of Journalism since the Spring of 2021, and hopes to transfer to a UC school for the Fall of 2022.


Edward is from the Van Nuys area, and his birthday is November 16, 2001.


Edward is passionate about sports, and is a fan of the Lakers (basketball), Kings (hockey), and Galaxy (soccer). His favorite show is Cobra Kai, and he loves to talk about it and watch fan theories in his free time. He also loves playing basketball and doing jigsaw puzzles when he has the chance.


In journalism, Edward’s main focus is sports, which ties in to his passion of playing basketball.

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