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Before coming to the United States, for almost five years I have been working in the Public Relations field in Armenia. After that, I started deeply showing interest in the photography area and decided to totally change my professional field. In order to reach my goals, I applied for the Green Card and winning it moved to the United States. Now I am trying to set the foundation for my pursuit of a career in photography. I am focusing my energy and time to achieve being extraordinarily good at what I am doing. "Photography is my passion" is the one answer you are guaranteed to hear when you ask photographers why they like doing it. For me it is really important to similarly communicate that passion to my prospects and let them know the deep-seated reasons why I do what I do. It is so cool for me to be involved in such an amazing sport such as photography. Yes, for me it is a type of sport, when you use your mind and pretty much physical activity. The mind and body work hand in hand in photography 📸

I have a lot of drive and I thrive in a huge and fast city like Los Angeles. My passion for exploration gave me the courage to cross the ocean by myself three years ago and face the challenge of living in Los Angeles. 

On my way to becoming a stronger woman, I want to seamlessly conquer my challenges in every area of my life. Now that I have found the career path in the photography industry that I am passionate about, I plan to move up in my career.


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