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Isabella Vodos is a second - year student at Los Angeles Valley College in hopes of a AA-T in Journalism. She joined the Valley Star Spring of 2022 as a staff writer.

Isabella spent her first year in college taking courses in a Cinema and Media Mangement major because she was in love with film and acting. Later in 2021 she took her first Journalism news wring class that made her fall in love with Journalism. She has been taking classes in Journalism since 2021, and hopes to transfer to Cal State Northridge in Fall 2022. 

Isabella is born in raised in California and her bday is October 10, 2002.

Isabella is passionate about entertainment. All topics related to fashion, movies, actors, and singers. She is a full time Sag Aftra actress and extra performer. Her favorite hobby is singing and her favorite artist is Ed Sheeran as her favorite style of music is Pop. Her favorite show is Grey’s Anatomy as she loves the drama, romance, and thrill. 

In journalism, Isabella’s main focus is Public Relations Entertainment. One day she hopes to represent Netflix. 

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