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From concert fan to graphic designer, Audrey Cordova flourishes with her passion

The first-year sociology student promotes various artists with her love for music.

By Isabella Vodos, Staff Writer

Audrey Cordova poses for a photograph at Valley College. The first-year sociology major uses her graphic design skills to create t-shirts devoted to her favorite musical artists. Cordova's t-shirt mockups garnered the attention of the official Selena Gomez Fan Club, which expressed an interest in having her make designs for them. (Jeremy Ruiz / The Valley Star)

Audrey Cordova’s bright smile lights up the room along with her rocking red glasses and her favorite Harry Styles hoodie.

Cordova’s fascination with music and record collecting began at 13 years old when she went to her first concert. Her dad, a music fanatic, took her to a free Plain White T’s show at the Grove, beginning her passion for the music industry that has only grown since.The 19-year-old designer attends Valley remotely. She is currently studying sociology, as she likes looking at trends and people’s behavior. When going to concerts and events, Cordova looks to see people’s experiences more deeply thanks to her studies in the field. Outside of college, she continues to fight for her dream, creating merchandise and vinyl mock-ups for record labels.

“I think it’s really important, as a woman of color, to be in the industry because we’re so unrepresented,” said Cordova. “I think sociology is fun because I get to see the background of things and people’s way of living.”

Cordova was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles and is Salvadorian. Her parents never accepted the idea of her going into the arts, because they saw it as a hobby rather than a career.

“Twitter is something I always kept to myself,” said Cordova. “I never expressed that with my parents or my siblings because they would see it as a waste of time even though it has given me amazing opportunities.”

Through having a social media fan account, replying to tweets and streaming song artists, she has gone to various events including the American Music Awards, Jimmy Kimmel Live, an album release event at Capitol Records, the People’s Choice Awards and Interscope records, all of which have opened opportunities for her.

“I’ve been running a fan account for about five years now called ‘hopeiesscity’ on twitter,” said Cordova. “From interacting with artists, from always being active online, to constantly replying to tweets, I was able to get in touch with their teams. I’ve gathered follows from artists like Halsey, Troye Sivan, and Slayyyyter. “

After interacting with artists on Twitter and posting about their music, she got noticed by the Selena Gomez Fan Club on Instagram and was invited with four other friends to meet the former Disney star at Interscope Studios.

Cordova has been to over 100 concerts and owns over 120 labels. Out of those, she has designed two of her own record labels and one item of merchandise.

“I created a graphic design hoodie for Selena Gomez’s song ‘Past Life’,” said Cordova. “I also created a vinyl record mock-up for The Weekend’s song ‘After Hours’ and Ally and AJ’s song ‘Ten Years.’ I sell my designs to specific artists’ web stores, and to local record shops.”

Her goal is to be a fan club president for a record label.

“I’ve been a fan my whole life, so I think it would be cool to be a professional fan who deals with merchandise, releasing music and interacting with artists,” said the aspiring creator.

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