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Soren Blomquist Eggerling is a first-year student at Los Angeles Valley College. Hailing from a Fargoesque town of 900 in Minnesota, Soren comes to the Valley Star with prior journalism experience, having worked as a television reporter at WDAZ News in Grand Forks, North Dakota and as a photojournalist covering the 2015-2016 presidential campaign in New Hampshire. Highlights of his time in both locations include reporting on board meetings regarding the renaming of the mascot for the University of North Dakota and a campaign rally for Bernie Sanders hosted by Ben and Jerry of Ben and Jerry’s that was followed by free ice cream. Soren also covered rallies for Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz. He is especially proud of asking Cruz for a quote about his Princeton roommate, Hollywood screenwriter, and avowed detractor Craig Mazin and being promptly shuffled away as Cruz stumbled over his words. 


Soren believes in the power of investigative journalism and its ability to shape discourse and policy. He is an avid fan of murder mysteries, an interest that carries over from journalism to movies. Soren watches lots of film and television, and one day hopes to be a writer-director. In his free time, he shoots on old Hi-8 and Super 8 cameras, cheers on his pitiful Minnesota sports teams, and raises his chunky, feline daughter, Opal. Soren is excited to bring a unique voice to the Star this term.


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