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I'm Elvin Gonzalez and I'm attending Valley College to get my ADT in Journalism and I plan to transfer to Cal State Northridge to earn my Bachelor's degree in Journalism. What made me want to become a journalist was my passion for sports since I was a kid. Huge fan of the Raiders and Lakers. In high school during my senior year as one of my elective courses I was involved with the school newspaper interviewing people and also did some photography. I started my sports page on Instagram when I was a senior in high school where I voice my opinion on all NBA and NFL teams, where other sports fans can get realistic predictions for their favorite team. After years of just talking just sports I made another page where I post news stories, music, movie and tv show reviews and much more. What I want to do with Journalism is to turn my passion into a career. I want to travel the world and witness all the great events such as Comic con, the Oscars, Super Bowls and many other great events. For the long term I want to be self-employed and have my own show where I discuss topics of my interest.




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