Brief: College 101 course to help new students get accustomed to Valley

New students can take College 101 to know about the programs and services Valley College offers for its students.

The College 101 course is designed new Valley College students learn about its programs and raise their confidence so that they may succeed. (Graphic Illustration by Gene Wickham/The Valley Star)

Valley College’s College 101 course has been around since early last year and is helping new students build their confidence in the college environment.

"The course has been in the making since the 2019 spring semester and became available last spring in 2020," said Valley English Professor Colette Claire Meade.

Being a new college student is not an easy adjustment when coming straight out of high school. This added course was created to help new college students gain confidence, develop better study habits and take advantage of Valley’s programs.

Meade attended Cal State Northridge and has earned her master’s degree in English Rhetoric and Composition. She was a former English tutor at Valley and taught the College 101 course in fall 2020.

“Growth mindset vs fixed mindset where we get stuck on thinking we suck on doing things we have to try thinking of it as a challenge,” Meade said.

According to Valley’s College 101 website, the final project for the class will consist of a short video project of each student talking about their college journey.

New students that are coming to Valley and are under the LA Promise program can take this class for free and it is a one-unit course. The class meets for four days a week Monday through Thursday it is an hour and a half long and it is a transferable unit towards UC or CSU. Even if they are one unit short of earning an associate degree, they can still take the class.

The College 101 course will be available for new students in the summer session remotely and could also take the Counseling 4 class after the first five weeks. For more information, students can contact the course coordinator Christian Nova at

— Elvin Gonzalez