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Solomon Smith has been a nerd with words since the early days of the internet. He is getting old but hides it well. 

Majoring in Political Science and Journalism, Solomon will also graduate with a certificate in Journalism, and one in Magazine writing. He has also gotten pretty good with a camera, InDesign, Photoshop, and Lightroom.

For the last three years Solomon has spent the majority of his days writing in some capacity. Starting out as a staff reporter on the paper, he moved up to Editor-in-Chief for two years in a row, while also simultaneously wearing other hats on the staff when needed: Photo Editor, Staff Photographer, Opinion Editor, News

Editor, Layout Editor, and others.

Currently, he is working on his last semester at Valley and intends to finish out his time there by revitalizing the school magazine, The Crown.

In his spare time Solomon practices and teaches martial arts, watches every political news show he can, draws, paints, plays video games, watches cartoons, works on his photography, reads, and refines his writing.




My Writing

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