Night three of the DNC features Obama, Harris and Hillary Clinton

By Solomon Smith, Political News Editor

Illustration by Democratic National Convention

After hearing from former presidents, first ladies, and presidential contenders, three figures are finally making their appearance at the Democratic National Convention: former President Barack Obama, Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris and President Donald Trump’s 2016 opponent, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The theme for Wednesday is “A more perfect Union,” but fractures in the Democratic party between centrists and the left-wing have been a possible powder keg for the convention. The lack of any live audience input could have possibly avoided embarrassing moments for speakers, but the inclusion of Obama and Clinton on the same night gives a more unified appearance. Other speakers include House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Gabrielle Giffords, a former house representative for Arizona, who was paralyzed on Jan. 8, 2011, after being shot in the head. She is now an advocate for gun control. Introductions will be made by actress Kerry Washington with performances by Billie Ellish.

Harris will be headlining as the first person of color selected as the vice presidential nominee on a major party ticket. A promo video for Harris on YouTube, and an excerpt from the speech, was released earlier today in an email to the press from the DNC headquarters.

“We must elect a president who will bring something different, something better, and do the important work,” reads Harris’ speech. “A president who will bring all of us together — Black, White, Latino, Asian, Indigenous — to achieve the future we collectively want. We must elect Joe Biden.”

Obama’s and Clinton’s speeches have also been previewed for the upcoming event. Obama appears to have abandoned his soft criticism of Trump and changed his tone.

“I did hope, for the sake of our country, that Donald Trump might show some interest in taking the job seriously,” reads an excerpt of Obama’s remarks, “that he might come to feel the weight of the office and discover some reverence for the democracy that had been placed in his care. But he never did.”

Continuing with the stark comparison between the abilities and characters of Biden and Trump, Clinton’s remarks follow the same vein.

“I wish Donald Trump had been a better president. But, sadly, he is who he is.”

The DNC convention can be viewed at most major television news outlets or directly from their website at 6 p.m.

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