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Brief: ASU Accepting Applications For Vacant Positions

ASU is looking to fill six positions that were left vacant in last Spring’s election.

ASU will fill its vacancies through an application-interview process that will culminate in an inter committee election in which the most qualified candidates will be selected.

The vice president position is one of three officer roles in ASU which assume more responsibility and a higher monthly stipend. All ASU members, whether officer or commissioner, are required to hold five hours a week of office hours, attend meetings, be enrolled in at least 5 credits at Valley, maintain a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative GPA and pay the $10 membership fee recurring each semester. The benefits of residing on the committee include: a monthly stipend, transcript notation and the opportunity to attend leadership conferences.

The five vacant commissioner positions coordinate various events and require attendance at specified meetings throughout the semester. The commissioner of fine arts, for example, plans an art festival in the spring, while the commissioner of campus environmental affairs organizes activities such as trash pick-ups on campus. The commissioner of political affairs will plan the upcoming spring ASU election. The ICC representative attends the inter-club council meeting, which is chaired by the vice president. The parliamentarian must be well-versed in the ASU constitution and bylaws as they ensure that parliamentary procedures are followed at various meetings.

Students can find the application on the ASU section of Valley College’s website. The deadline to apply is Sept. 19th.

-- Isaac Dektor

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