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Brief: Late start classes available for students

Students can get ahead this spring by enrolling in eight week classes beginning April 10.

Valley College is offering a selection of late start courses during the spring term, which can help students earn more units and reach their educational goals.

The late start classes are offered for both the spring and fall semesters and the span of each class is about eight weeks. If students are unable to enroll in the beginning of the full length semesters, late start courses will always be available after the first eight weeks are up. As for this spring, late-start classes start April 10 and end June 5.

All classes offered help satisfy students’ major and general education courses. More than 100 classes and 30 different subjects are part of this semester’s late start classes including accounting, anthropology, art, biology, chicano studies, English, health, history, math and psychology. These courses are all offered in different forms such as online or in-person classes.

“I’m taking a late start class this semester,” said Joshua Rosenquist, second year film major. “It can help students with more restricted schedules. I personally had to take it because of my work schedule.”

Enrolling in these classes could go towards the certificate completion for students who are looking to graduate and get ahead in the semester.

Late start classes are shorter than normal classes which typically are 15-17 weeks long, while the amount of units that students can obtain is still the same.

“The main advantage is the length of the classes,” said Rosenquist. “It’s only eight weeks, and that may be better for someone who can’t commit to a long-term schedule.”

To register for late start classes, students can go to the school website and click “enroll” on the top right corner and to add the desired courses.

To enroll in classes, students can always visit the Admissions and Records building located in the Student Services Center, right across from the Counseling Office. The hours are Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. with Fridays at early hours from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Information for class schedules and drop dates are available online at

- Kevin Khachatryan, Staff Writer

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