BSU hosts BBQ cookout

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

The Black Scholars sponsored Club Day had a very successful turnout.

By Joceline Rodriguez, Staff Writer

The Valley Star/Joceline Rodriguez

The Black Scholars Union handed out resource information and free food during a cookout in the Student Union Plaza for Black Heritage Month.

“The voice is quiet for black students,” said Terrance Carter, who was working at the information table of the Black Scholars. “The mission of the Black Scholars is to inform people of the opportunities and resources available on campus for us, from free printing, counselors helping with your college plan and when having trouble getting a job.”

The BSU set up shop at 9 a.m. last week, barbequing burgers, hot dogs and chicken for students and faculty who came out to show support. The club and the ASU held their tents nearby to give out campus information and to find potential recruits. The four-hour long event - set with several board games, music and an inflated skee ball station - attracted dozens of people to the area to enjoy the atmosphere.

“This has been one of the busiest events we’ll had all school year as we help the Black Student Union at this month’s club day,” said ASU member Alina De La Garza. “Whenever you see the green tent, we’re here, for future events.”

“I didn’t know about this event until someone told me in class an hour prior,” said Valley student Gissella Vasquez as she grabbed a bite to eat before heading to work. “I was walking to my car, I heard the music and it was calling my name.”

With dozens stopping by to show support for the BSU, students had the opportunity to interact with each other, sharing their passions and interests.

“It’s a good way to bring everyone together,” said business marketing major Jalin Lewis who attended the event and played Skee Ball with his friends.

The cookout was the one of the first events the BSU held in honor of Black History Month. Later events included a comedy show that featured famous comedians Jackson McQueen, Kennelia Stradwick and Kristal Adams, and a panel discussion for the film, “The Hate U Give.”