Don't just repost, donate

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Posting on social media brings awareness but not enough help.

By Savannah Simmons, Opinion Editor

Photo Courtesy of Habitat for Humanity

To scroll through social media means to find a new problem, world event or cause that people are standing in solidarity or outraged with but of those people, who is actually taking action?

An Instagram story about the current state of the Amazon fires lets other people know that you are aware of the current event, but is there a solution being presented? Although awareness spreads, the fight for these issues does not make it as far without research on how to help them through different organizations.

According to, “55 percent of people who engage with nonprofits on social media end up taking some sort of action.” 

So about half of the people you see posting about these events are doing more than just talking about putting an end to gun violence or saving the turtles, but if every person who posted put in five more minutes of their time that percentage could be higher. 

It has become so much easier to donate to causes with features like “swipe up” and links in bios on Instagram, donating directly on FaceBook for people’s birthdays and texting to help a relief fund. There is no excuse why people can post about it but not contribute to the causes.  

Life is not easy and being able to help is a privilege; if five dollars is too much to give, then research on how to give time and extra supplies yourself then share that with others looking to act.  

Amazon Aid Foundation offers a unique way to donate to the ongoing fires in the Amazon through art and music. 

Project Hope gives help to the Bahamas, but also to infectious and noncommunicable diseases and maternal, neonatal and child health. 

Habitat for Humanity provides housing for families in need all over, and you can choose to give monetary donations, goods and materials, and you can volunteer at buildings sites. 

Do not just like posts talking about creating change, do not just retweet hoping someone else will do something about it. Take initiative yourself, it will not only be good, it will feel good.