LAUNCH 18 Art exhibition

LAUNCH 18 art exhibition shows off what monarchs are made of.

By Monserrat Solis, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Valley College’s Art Gallery kicks off the Fall semester with the LAUNCH 18 art exhibition curated around student pieces leading to the semesters upcoming interactive show.

The Art Gallery hosts their first event of the school year by welcoming students and visitors to LAUNCH 18, an annual program displaying artwork in the art department from over 250 student submission dwindled down to around 50 works selected by local artist and juror, Devon Oder. With interesting art pieces like Dauilo Caluma’s wood and rose sculpture to Bianca Alpizar’s surreal oil painting and Mariyln Martin’s Newsprint drawing, Valley showcases their best with LAUNCH 18. Afterwards, a semester long project by artist Karl Burkhiemer begins.

Artists show their hard work through the semester by having their pieces chosen by the faculty elected juror. This show is open to the public and equally initiates an art conversation in the Valley. Art hanging from the walls and around the showroom allow visitors to view life through the pieces. The exhibit also welcomes artists into the art world by introducing them to a selection process.

Jenene Nagy, the assistant professor of Art and Gallery director at Valley describes LAUNCH 18 as a showcase for students’ work created in and for the art department classes and a starting point for young artists’ first professionalized experience. Introducing jurors, local art professionals, gives students submitting their art the essence and introduction to a professional network.

Students and art enthusiasts can look forward to an interactive art show by Burkheimer, chair of the graduate program at Oregon College of Art and Craft, starting with a reception on Sept. 19 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.. The event will offer snacks, a meet and greet with the artist and a first look at the project.

Burkheimer’s first phase involves architectural interventions inviting visitors to engage and mark directly on his work wherein a response by the artist is followed, this will continue for a few weeks. Essentially starting with a blank canvas and at the end creating a unique art piece.

Artists can submit art for future projects during the spring semester when the gallery announces open entry on their website at or their social media platforms. Following two days where students can present their works to the gallery. Submission is free and all artwork is accepted for submission.

LAUNCH 18 will run until Sept.6.The Gallery will continue to host events throughout the school year; to stay up to date on all the upcoming evens in the art scene visit their website or Instagram @lavcargallery.