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Look what you made her do

Taylor Swift’s new song “ME!” continues her record breaking streak.

By Tate Coan, Online Editor

With a visual aesthetic similar to her Speak Now era, that most of her fans know all too well, Swift’s video broke the Vevo Record with 65.2 million views.

After her 13 day countdown which started on April 13, Taylor Swift released a new song and music video called “ME!” with her usual clues about her upcoming album.

Swift has almost always dropped hints for her fans. During her first few albums, she hid secret messages in her CD booklets by capitalizing random letters. Every album since she has gotten more and more extreme, sending fans down the rabbit hole. With her album “Reputation,” she released a calendar for 2019 with seemingly random dates with printed wax seals.

Those dates were important for her next album; like the day she posted the countdown to her website. The most interesting theory about this next upcoming album, however, is that it has been finished for almost three years, which would not be a surprise to her fans.

Swifties have speculated that after the release of her album “1989” in 2014, she started working on album number six, which was not originally “Reputation.” In keeping with her previous two-year pattern, she should have released an album in 2016 — but she did not. Something happened in 2016 that ruined her plans: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Around this time, West was writing a song called “Famous” and mentioned Swift by name. While Kardasian was recording a video on her cell phone, West called Swift and asked for her permission to use her name in a line that stated “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex,” but the line continues to say, “Why? I made that bitch famous.” Swift was reportedly upset because he did not mention the full line where he hurled more than just a sexist comment at her. Kardashian then released the recording of the phone call in her husband’s defense to portray Swift as a liar on National Snake Day; casual cruelty in the name of honesty.

Swift’s fans think that because of this incident, she dropped her plans for her next album and quickly pulled together “Reputation” to repair her public image. She gave it a dark snake theme to take control of her narrative and hopefully come back on top. After a loud silence, her fans were shocked to see Swift release her song “Look What You Made Me Do,” as it strayed far from her previous style. Recently, however, Swifties have finally found the clues hidden in her LWYMMD video.

In the video, Swift is seen in a pink palm tree patterned outfit, spray painting the word “Reputation” onto the side of a plane, which is supposed to represent her album that she renamed. At the very end, a bunch of iconic and very recognizable Taylors are lined up in front of the aircraft arguing with each other. The one version of herself that no one recognizes is the one in the palm tree outfit still standing on the plane which is very faintly labeled “TS6”. Last year on National Snake Day, the two year anniversary of the Kimye drama, Swift was seen wearing a pink palm tree patterned outfit while leaving a recording studio. The Swift on the plane was supposed to represent her future self.

If this is true, she has been planning the clues for this album for three years, and as seen in her latest video, she finally shook off her damaged reputation. She wanted to be her old self again, and she finally found it.

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