Millennials, Women vote Democrat

Women and the least likely voter, the millennial, made their comments on Republican’s and Trump’s rhetoric clear by bringing in a new generation of Democratic leaders.

Polls in America are now closed, counts are being made and the results are mostly in— women and millennials won the mid-terms for Democrats.

In an election that gave America a divided house, Democrats did better than expected but not as well as hoped. Taking back the House of Representatives Democrats managed to reassert them- selves in the Trump administration. Wining over 222 house seats gives them a pretty good majority, all with the aid of young, and often female, voters attracted to a more diverse Democratic offering.

In the legislative branch there will be 12 female senators, over 100 women as representatives, and about nine female senators. There will also be just over 150 LGBQT winners in both state and local elections, according to CNN. Nevada will have more women in office in their state senate than men. These are groups that have been problematic for Trump who has rallied for his base with rhetoric that leaves many women feeling left out.

Young voters have been an elusive animal for both parties. With some of the lowest turnouts, the enthusiasm among this population has been historically low. This year, however, mail in and early voting has been a boon to the Democratic party across the country and especially California. The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement at Tufts University has shown in an early study (votes are still being counted) that, when compared to 2014, turnout was 10 percent higher this year. Twothirds of voters aged 18-29 voted Democrat, according to Rasmussen and various exit polls. CNN exit polls have shown these groups have shifted towards the Democrats with 15 points from women voters.

Even with all of the numbers not yet in there is still a lot of information about voters to be inferred. Overwhelming Democratic wins in densely populated Republican held areas track with the fact that most of the young, educated upper middle-class voters cast their ballots for Democrats. In Houston, Texas Panill Flethcher defeated John Colberson in a traditionally Republican district. California managed to take more of the rare Republican seats with Mike Levin defeating Diane Harkey in the 49 District. Several over California Republican seats area also in danger. Young voters have typically come from densely populated areas and have been more educated than the rural non-college educated white male voter of the Trump base. These newer voters also tend towards independence or the more liberal Democratic party.

With more minorities in office this year and voter reforms on the horizon in many states the Republicans, and President Trump could be in for a long hard two years.