Students explore careers with job shadow program

Valley College is hosting a program that allows students to explore the career of their choice by meeting with professionals in the field.

By Gabriel Arizon, Staff Writer

Valley College students searching for a way to research a career can participate in this year’s Job Shadow Program.

The program is a nationally sponsored event that is being coordinated on campus by the Valley Career/Transfer Center. Students are given the chance to explore the career of their choice by meeting with a professional within that field. Students who meet with these professionals are also able to ask specific questions about their careers and their experiences. Through the program, students can obtain valuable information about a potential occupation, such as the challenges and specific demands of that profession.

“You may actually be seated next to your professional in their job environment, or it’s gonna be here and they bring the environment to you,” said Career and Technical Education Counselor, Chris Petrini.

Participants in the program may select up to three careers to shadow and from those selections, one professional is matched with the student. Once a day has been agreed upon for the meeting, the student has from an hour to half a day to spend with their professional. There are some caveats, however.

“It’s a tool to find out what people do, to get their point of view for career exploration purposes only,” said Petrini. “It’s not a place to ask for a job.”

Additionally, those who participate in the program will not receive any pay or academic credit.

To be participate in the program, applicants must attend one of the three remaining orientation sessions at the Career/Transfer Center: March 8, March 13, or March 14. To sign up for a session, go to the CTC or send an email to

“I thought it was a great idea to get some insight into a career I’m possibly interested in,” said Valley student, Christan Aprahamian. “I think it’s a great to learn about different careers, and you might have questions that you need someone to answer.”