Suspect-at-large: Man wanted for series of crimes at Valley College

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Campus officials ramp up patrol and security, looking for repeat offender.

By Matthew Royer, Cassandra Nava and Marcos Franco, Staff writers

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department issued out crime alert fliers at various building entrances within Valley College after burglaries perpetrated by Arnold Orozco took place between Oct. 30 and 31. (Photo by Jeremy Ruiz / The Valley Star)

A 27-year-old man was recently arrested at Valley College for vandalism, indecent exposure and burglary, and school officials are concerned that he may return to campus.

Earlier this month, campus sheriffs posted crime alerts with images of suspect Arnold Orozco along with physical descriptions, stating that he is a male Hispanic at 5 feet, 5 inches and 185 pounds. The flier posted outside Business Journalism, Humanities, Behavioral Sciences and other buildings shows a photo of the suspect's face and another showing his bare back that displays a tattoo across his shoulder blades that reads “Orozco.”

“Burglary was the last on-campus incident he [Orozco] was arrested for,” said Deputy Sheriff Fernando Felix. “Unfortunately, the way the courts work right now, they’re not keeping people in jail, so he’s been able to return. When he goes to trial, he will have three cases against him.”

Orozco, first arrested for indecent exposure on the Monarch Stadium football field, is said to be going to trial in February, so campus officials are taking precautions.

“It is very important that we maintain the safety of the campus community and prevent any vandalism to the facilities,” said President Barry Gribbons. “If students see anything unusual, I would encourage them to call the sheriff's department.”

On Sunday, a crime alert was sent to faculty and staff that states a suspect broke into the Behavioral Sciences building during the weekend of Oct. 30-31, which fits Orozco’s [crime pattern]. Psychology professor Christina Peter confirmed that someone had broken into her classroom and is currently compiling information for the sheriff's department and administration.

In the crime alert sent to faculty and staff, Vice President of Administration Services Sarah Song encouraged “students, faculty and staff to continue to work together to keep the campus safe.” Song stated that faculty should “lock and close doors and windows when exiting classrooms, labs, offices and conference rooms and to call the sheriff’s office immediately with any concerns.”

A Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department vehicle is parked near the entrance of the Behavioral Sciences building at Valley College. Sheriffs began patrolling the college grounds more frequently after several buildings were burglarized by suspect Arnold Orozco on Oct. 30 and 31. (Photo by Jeremy Ruiz / The Valley Star)

Although Song included student involvement to keep the campus safe in her email, it was only sent to faculty and staff members. Students were made aware of the crime through fliers posted around campus.

Song faced her own communication issues with the campus sheriffs as it related to the incident reports.

“She wasn't getting the incident reports in the time frame that she wanted to receive them,” said Gribbons. “We have clarified with the sheriff's department the timing for the incident reports and notifications of incidents.”

Third-year sociology major Daniel Rosales witnessed Orzoco’s suspected vandalism in his classroom in the Foreign Languages building. Male genitals were drawn on the classroom’s projector, including unknown stains found nearby. While Rosales says the incident was first shrugged off as a joke by his Chicano studies professor Jose Arrieta, repeat incidents led to the vandalism being reported to the administration.

The sociology major is worried how the suspect’s possible return affects safety on campus.

“We’re supposed to feel safe on campus,” said Rosales. “Now I don’t even feel safe walking from my car to my class.”

Deputy Sheriff Felix issued a warning to Valley College students.

“When students walk around campus or from their classroom to their car, they should be off their phones, especially at night,” said Felix. “You have to be aware of your surroundings.”

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