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Threat at LAVC

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

With recent student attacks at UC Berkeley and UC Irvine, Valley is taking a campus threat seriously.

By Meg Taylor, News Editor

Valley College will be equipped with extra security today due to a graffiti threat against the student body, faculty and staff.

The anonymous threat was written in a women’s restroom stall earlier this year. The threat was reported Jan. 18 to the Sheriff's office.

The graffiti stated, “I want to kill myself and everyone, time is coming for you guys to die. 03/12/19.”

Dr. Denise Noldon, Valley’s interim president, sent out a mass email informing Valley’s community of a reported threat. However, Noldon left out the details of the threat. Despite the intimidating note, campus will remain open today.

“A thorough investigation was conducted by the Sheriff's office and it was determined that the written graffiti threat was not credible,” stated Noldon in her email. “At the conclusion of the investigation, a vandalism report was filed and notification of this matter was provided to the LAVC threat assessment team.”

Along with the extra Sheriff's staff on campus, the canine unit will be present. Local agencies are also on standby to assist should anything out of the ordinary take place. Valley’s administration urges students to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity, but encourages them to go to class and proceed as if it was any other day.

Students can contact the Sheriff's Office at (818) 947-2911 to report any suspicious activity or the President's Office at (818) 947-2321 if any more information is desired.


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