Valley adds pro experience to baseball coaching staff

After starting off his road to a pro career at Valley College, Coach Josh Goossen-Brown looks to help players fulfill their own dreams.

By Joseph Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Valley College’s newest pitching coach Josh Goossen-Brown comes back to help out the school that helped his baseball dreams come true.

After graduating from Norte Dame High School, Goossen-Brown came to Valley in 2010 looking for the best opportunity to accomplish one of his goals: to play baseball at a division one level. He made that dream a reality after just one season and was playing for CSUN, then for University of San Diego the following season. He looks forward to guiding players at Valley on their own careers.

“I was able to make one of my dreams come true by getting a college scholarship because of the opportunity I had at Valley,” Coach Goossen-Brown said. “So now I want to give some players that same opportunity.”

Challenges are a part of life and baseball. Goossen-Brown realized this throughout his playing career after suffering injuries and not getting into the school he planned to. Using his experience to help out this team through the highs and lows of the season is something he looks forward to accomplishing.

“My playing career has been filled with ups and downs, so I know some of the struggles the players go through,” Goossen-Brown said. “I hope I can help get them through the tough times and allow them to reach their highest potential.”

Leading his pitching staff through the various trials is going to take Goossen-Brown a different approach from his playing style. The former third baseman and pitcher lead the teams he played on through his play. Leading by example, he excelled at being a vocal leader, however, it was not his strong suit. Coaching will require these skills, although he has already shown these new skills on the field so far.

“It’s been a good surprise, he was really quiet when he was here,” Head Coach Dave Mallas said. “He was a leader for us but through his actions and the way he went about his business. So seeing him communicate with the players is excellent for us.”

After playing collegiate ball, Goossen-Brown went on to play for the Chicago White Sox organization for two years. He has played under many coaches with many different coaching styles. He has created his own style that has worked for him and players so far: being a player-coach and relating to the players and being able to be comfortable with one another.

“He puts all effort into helping you until you figure it out,” freshmen pitcher Sebastian Zepeda said. “Good advice and lots of positive energy is what he brings every day to the field.”

This upcoming season will be Coach Goossen-Brown’s first time coaching at a junior college level. He comes from coaching one season at Norte Dame High School. He will be there every step of the way with his pitchers to spread his knowledge from his own experiences at every level he played.

“I’m looking forward to seeing all the hard work we’ve put in this fall playoff during the season,” Goossen-Brown said.