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A rough start has the Monarchs down in the den

A 3-0 start fizzles as the Monarchs lose their last 10 games.

By Joseph Gonzalez Staff Writer

Taken by Dale Beck

The Monarchs started off the season 3-0 showing promising signs to a great year.  Since then, they have lost 10 straight games and have been outscored 107 runs to 40.

“During this 0-10 stretch, we have had plenty of opportunities to win games,  just missing a couple hits in key situations,” said pitcher Giovanni Chaidez.

The coaching staff and players worked hard this offseason to build a winning program. Continued weight training sessions and long days on the field, combined with their daily routine is how they hope to turn things around.

“Nothing has to change. As long as we continue to work hard everyday, never give up and believe in one another, nothing needs to change,” said Assistant Coach Ariel Adut.

Hitting streaks or consecutive shutouts can be part of a good game. However, the Monarchs have had no luck in either category. The pitching staff has posted a combined 7.69 earned run average and .246 batting average; neither of those stats will lead them to success this year.

“Everyone needs to know what we are all capable of and know we are all great enough to get this turned around and stick to the plan,” said sophomore Adrian Campos.

The mind of the team cannot go weak and must stay on track. This message has been relayed down from the coaching staff to all the players. The Valley coaching staff is filled with vast amounts of experience; the coaches know what it takes to win--maintaining a positive mindset.

“We need to keep grinding away, keep working hard everyday," said Adut. "Stay positive and there is still plenty of time to turn it around!”

Losing can come with a lot of negatives on the surface, but the team is using those losses to learn more about each other and to improve themselves.

“What I have learned is that we have a group of guys that continue to want to get better,” said Chaidez. “A group of guys that are committed to figuring this thing out and do whatever it takes to turn this season around.”

Twenty-nine games remain on the schedule and 20 of those are for the Western State South title. These games will determine if the Monarchs get into the playoffs and get a chance to compete for a state title, though Valley has not won a league since 2012.

“This team is what makes me most excited for the rest of the season. I’m excited for this group to figure it out and play the baseball we know we can,” said Chaidez.

UPDATE: The Monarchs broke their losing streak Feb. 19 beating LA Harbor College 7-3, but lost 6-11 to Rio Hondo College the next day.

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