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Back to classes: Students return to Valley despite heat warning

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Students return in the sweltering heat while jostling for something almost as precious as their education - parking.

By Jasmine Alejandre and Kenya Harris

The fall semester began with 108 degrees Fahrenheit but that could not keep determined Valley College students away as the campus filled with new and returning faces.

Student Engagement Coordinator Raquel Sanchez discussed a slew of festivities taking place during welcome week, including the Fall 2023 kickoff, Coffee and Donuts with College Leaders, and Movie Night.

Sanchez also remarked Monday’s Welcome Week event helped to “Promote the game room and let students know what the ASU $10 fee gets them. It’s not something where you give and get nothing back.”

The Associated Student Union held a welcome-back mixer inside the air-conditioned game room where students sought relief from the sizzling heat and had the chance to meet others and settle in on Monday. Among the many students present was International Business major Jade Medina.

“International business majors have no club, so I was motivated to come by meeting new people,” Medina said.

Valley staff were also present and eager to share about their goals for future events. Student Life Ambassador Gregorio Martinez was stationed out in front and braving the sweltering heat to pass out pizza to incoming visitors.

The start of a new school year can be stressful for first-time students but the event brought many new faces together and helped them integrate into the Valley community. With public events at full swing, the number of chances to connect on campus has only increased.

“People who wanna can get together with other people on campus without having to pay,” said Ambassador Martinez.

Valley students can find a variety of resources at the welcome center, including an academic counselor to help pick classes and guide them through their concerns. There students can get help obtaining a Metro GoPass which allows them to ride buses and trains at no charge. At Admissions and Records students can get their picture taken, obtain their Student ID card, and find the Financial Aid Department in case there are any questions regarding FAFSA.

It’s important for students to remember all the support located on the second floor of the student services building. Here they’ll find the EOPS office where they can get tutoring, counseling and other helpful programs.

The Mosaic Village is another important location for all students to know. It houses six programs that offer whatever assistance you might need. The Basic Needs Center offers support for food, housing, transportation, technology, and other needs. Other programs available to students are The Dream Resource Center, The Puente Program, The Rainbow Pride Center, Umoja Black Scholars, and The Veterans Resource Center. All these centers are open and welcoming to new members.

Whether it's the Basic Needs Center, EOPS office or the Dream Resource Center, there is assistance for all students with whatever they may find themselves needing.


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