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Books, parking and drop dates

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Drop dates are approaching, the free parking grace period is ending, but the cost of books doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

By Sarah Best, Staff Writer

Beginning a new semester can be overwhelming, but it is indispensable to be mindful of important deadlines as well as knowing options for low cost textbooks.

The two-week grace period to park in campus lots without a parking pass is ending, and the sheriff will now be issuing citations to those who neglect to buy a parking permit. A $20 parking permit can be purchased at any time during the semester at the Valley College Business Office or online through the Student Information System.

“[It is] $20 for the permit, $35 for the ticket,” said a representative from the Sheriff's Station.

The permit is good for the entirety of the fall and spring semesters; however, other options include buying a daily parking permit for $2 at one of the many kiosks located in every lot. Motorcyclists are not immune to citations either and, in addition to having a valid parking permit, they must visit the sheriff’s office to complete registration paperwork for their motorcycle.

According to the Parking Information on the Sheriff’s Station, “a parking permit is required to park in any campus parking lot.”

Textbooks can cost a pretty penny but are imperative for some classes. However, other options are available that allow students to get the book without breaking the bank. Websites like Chegg offer buying and rental options for both new and used books in either the physical or digital copy at up to 90 percent off. Chegg also provides a variety of services such as homework assistance, internship matching, scholarship searches and a complimentary Red Bull in every textbook package.

Though the Monarch bookstore is a slightly more expensive option, they too have new and used books for rent and will even buy back selected books from students, depending on their condition. They have collaborated with one of the largest buyers of pre-owned textbooks, the Nebraska Book Company, in order for students to sell back their textbooks for the highest possible price, according to the Monarch Store page.

Late start classes begin October 10 and the last day to drop with a Withdrawal (“W”) is November 17. Registering for late classes can be done through the link on the Late Start Classes page of the school website or through the Valley portal.

Though it is a substantial amount of information, everything mentioned can make a seemingly staggering semester far more painless.

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