BRIEF: Book Vouchers up to $600 are available through Financial Aid Programs

Valley College students enrolled in EOPS and other support programs that offer financial support can receive between $100 to $600 for book vouchers.

EOPS is a state funded program that supports students who are experiencing financial challenges and need educational assistance. EOPS students can get book vouchers by following eligibility requirements, which includes having graduated from high school with a GPA below 2.5. They also must have a low-income quantity and qualify for the California College Promise Grant, as well enrolling in at least 12 units. The deadline to apply is Feb. 27.

Additionally, book grants through the Dream Center and Promise program are still available for students enrolled in those programs.

“Students have so many options when choosing a college to attend. I am happy that Valley College is able to provide such a wide variety of help, such as book vouchers and grants. This assistance is yet another tool to help my students attend, and succeed, in their college experience,” said Howard Levine, professor of business.

Isabella Vodos

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