BRIEF: Both in-person and online late start classes are available for students

As enrollment remains low due to COVID-19, Valley College is offering a plethora of late start classes starting April 11 for the spring semester.

According to Manager of Public Relations Jennifer Borucki, Valley is offering 172 late start classes, with the majority of them offered online for the second eight week session. Science, english, math, humanities, art, lifelong learning and social science departments are all adding late start classes. In the science department there are 9 class options including Biology 003, Anthropology 101, Anthropology 102 and 111 being offered asynchronously. The English Department provides 25 choices online. There are 7 math classes open. The math department has a Math 262 available for enrollment right now for anyone interested in taking calculus. Humanities has added Anthropology of Religion online. For Art, there are 19 courses. In social science, there are 43 open enrollments. Even dance and yoga are being offered online part of lifelong learning starting on April 11.

The class Schedule and Catalog has the full list of courses offered for those looking to enroll in a late-start class.

— Isabella Vodos

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