Brief: Drive-by shooting at The Woodman

A shouting match leads to a shooting, leaving three people wounded at a sports bar in Sherman Oaks.

By Anthony Lopez, Staff Writer

The Woodman, a popular bar on Ventura Boulevard, was involved in a drive-by shooting early Sunday morning when patrons began shouting at others in a car, resulting in gunfire. Three patrons were injured during the 1:30 a.m. incident and taken to nearby hospitals. Monday, May 3, 2021. Sherman Oaks, Calif. (Photo by Gene Wickham /The Valley Star)

Three people were left wounded last Sunday after two gunmen opened fire at a sports bar in Sherman Oaks.

According to an article by ABC 7 News, Los Angeles police officials stated that the incident started out as a verbal altercation which turned physical around 2 a.m. at The Woodman, located on Ventura Boulevard. At some point, a drive-by shooting occurred, and someone in the crowd fired shots at the car, according to authorities.

“I can’t even digest it,” said Marisa Morales, a neighbor in a recent CBS News article. “This is where I live and where I raise my children.”

Gunfire has become a rising concern in Los Angeles. LAPD Police Chief Michael Moore, reported that there have been more than 450 victims of shootings so far this year — a 70 percent increase from this time last year.

The victims, who currently have not been identified yet, are reported to be two men and a woman. According to Daily News, when both gunmen were firing at each other one person was hit in the leg and another in the foot. The third victim was taken to a hospital by a friend.

The Valley Star reached out to The Woodman — which was open on Monday afternoon — however they declined to provide more information about the incident.

A search is still in progress to capture the two suspected gunmen.