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BRIEF: Kings on campus

The Valley College Foundation partners with the LA Kings to bring hockey tickets to Monarchs.

By Ava Rosate, Staff Writer

The Valley College Foundation, a non-profit organization, recently partnered with the LA Kings to bring discounted hockey tickets to students and faculty.

The tickets are free of charge but subject to processing fees. Ticket seekers can choose from four games, all of which will be held at Crypto Arena in Downtown Los Angeles. The matches begin at the end of November, with the final game taking place in early January. Students and faculty can redeem tickets from the foundation’s website by following a link on their page and filling out a short questionnaire.

To submit the form, Monarchs must provide either an LACCD or Valley email and select a preferred game date. A processing fee based on the seat levels will be applied to the order at the end of the checkout process. Tickets must be redeemed at least 72 hours prior to the game.

Tickets range from complimentary to $60, depending on preferred seating. Complimentary tickets will get Monarchs the level 300 end of the row seats, $10 for level 300 in the center row, $40 for level 200 and $60 for level 100.

According to Foundation Development Officer Ronya Waters, the Kings reached out to the campus and the Associated Student Union with the ticket offer.

“We are fortunate that Los Angeles has so many wonderful opportunities and events,” said Waters. “Being able to offer free or discounted tickets allows anyone who might be on a tight budget to be able to take advantage of events they may not otherwise have access to.”

Students and faculty are permitted two tickets per person, with additional tickets available for purchase at a discounted rate. Add-on tickets are priced from $37 to $88 per ticket.

Hundreds of tickets are still available and are not on a first-come, first-served basis.


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