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Brief: Late-start classes open for enrollment

Students may enroll in a variety of late-start classes starting as early as Oct. 25.

Students now have the chance to enroll in a variety of late-start classes, including art and accounting, math and marketing, physics and philosophy, among about 200 others still open.

Students can choose classes that start as early as Oct. 25, which last eight weeks, or as late as Nov. 19, which last only three weeks. The majority of courses end Dec. 19, with few exceptions. Certain health, sociology, and ESL (English second language) courses end sooner. Most of the classes are online, but various health, kinesiology, communications and ESL courses are offered in-person as well.

A few health classes have already begun as of Oct. 18, but many other classes are still available for students to enroll in. Many classes have already filled up, and students are encouraged to enroll as soon as possible.

“If you have room in your scheduled classes to add one more class,” said Valley College President Gribbons, “this is a terrific opportunity to pick up a class.”

Late-start classes offer students opportunities to enroll in courses that may have been packed at the start of the fall, and also gives students who switched their major a chance to catch up.

Edward Veloso, a student just starting college, is choosing to take math and english late-start classes because he “decided to take a break to have time to finish [his] job and make some money.” Veloso said that late-start classes will allow him to do everything he wants without falling behind, letting him take some time to focus on work, and then going to school after.

Enrollment in the beginning of this semester was relatively low, so students are encouraged to fill their schedules if they have the time to do so.

-Edward Segal

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