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BRIEF: Student transfer deadlines approach UC and CSU campuses

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

By Morgan Bertsch, Staff Writer

Valley college students who plan to transfer to CSUN, UCLA or any of the other state universities can submit their applications from Oct.1 to Nov. 30.

A California State University also known as a CSU is a university that is funded by the state. Tuition can cost more than $5,742 per academic year on CSU campuses and around $14,000 a year at the UCs. The difference in tuition can be marked by endowments, funding and demand.

Many students find their way to the CSUs through an Associate in Arts for Transfer known as an AA-T or the Associate in Science for Transfer known as an AS-T. These are mainly intended for students who wish to transfer from a community college to a CSU.

Students who hope to attend a UC campus have a few options. They can complete the Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program, or they can complete the UC Transfer Pathway program.

The cost to apply to the CSU system is $70 per campus while the UCs are $80 each. Some students may qualify for a CSU application fee waiver. Students applying to the UC system may apply for a fee waiver within the application.

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Adam Stephens
Adam Stephens
Dec 15, 2023

An excellent decision by the students, at one time I also transferred to another university, but without a personal statement I would not have succeeded. It's good that there is a service that gives a bunch of different application examples for any college or university. Thanks to her, I was able to transfer to another university without any problems.

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