Brief: Students must submit baseline COVID-19 tests to Cleared4 by Monday, Oct. 18

In order to be allowed to enter one of the nine LACCD colleges, students must take a baseline COVID-19 test regardless of vaccination status and submit it to Cleared4.

Valley College students must submit their baseline COVID-19 tests to Cleared4 by Monday, Oct. 18 in order to be cleared to go on campus. LAVC no longer has a testing site in operation before Oct. 18, but other LACCD campuses have their own sites and schedules.

To schedule a test, students must use the private Cleared4 link that was emailed to their student LACCD account. Once the test is done students will receive their results within 48 hours, and will use the same link to upload the results to the Cleared4 website. Students will be asked to provide personal information and upload their insurance cards to the website.

Students who don’t have insurance must write their full name and date of birth on a piece of paper, state that they do not have medical insurance, and upload a picture of that paper ⁸to Cleared4. Once students complete this step and do the daily self-check a Clear Pass will be sent to their phone, which they should be ready to show to authorized personnel upon request.

To request a vaccination exemption, students must go to their student portal and click “COVID-19 Vaccination Exemption,” where they will be asked to fill out some personal information and select which form they need. Students will then be directed to the corresponding form.

The deadline to file for an exemption is Oct. 18. The exemption could be either medical or religious. In a medical exemption form, students need to include their provider’s name, number, address, and signature. For a religious exemption, students must simply state their belief or practice that is the basis for their request, as well as why it would prevent them from getting the vaccine.

Students who submit an exemption form will have to take COVID-19 tests every week, which can be scheduled through the Cleared4 portal. After submitting the health questionnaire, students can select “return to home screen.” From the home screen students are able to schedule their weekly testing at any of the nine LACCD colleges.

- Edward Segal

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