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BRIEF: Students required to submit booster to Cleared4 by today

Per district policy, students who have received their first two COVID-19 vaccinations must upload their record of a booster shot by today, unless given approved religious or medical exemption via the student portal.

LACCD Board Policy 2900, initially enacted in 2021 for the first two shots, was revised on Jan. 12 to include booster shots.

According to the Valley College website, health officials only define fully vaccinated as individuals who have “successfully completed the original one- or two-shot vaccine and have received a booster shot when eligible.”

Students who have not submitted their booster records to Cleared4 can do so by accessing the account through the custom individualized link sent to each student’s LACCD email. Next, students must upload their insurance card if applicable and their CDC vaccination card issued upon initial vaccination. If uploaded before the booster dose, simply reupload the vaccination record with the third shot now notated.

For students who have not received a first, second or third vaccination, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Valley is offering Pfizer and Moderna immunizations on Friday in Lot A.

Matthew Royer


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