Brief: College offers resources to active and post-military students along with their families

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Located on the second floor of the Student Services building, the Veterans Resource Center provides students with career and personal guidance to reach their academic goals.

Proper guidance in the enrollment, registration and transfer process is essential for a successful college experience, Valley College caters to the needs of veteran students, navigating them towards their career goals.

The VRC opened in 2012 to assist veteran students with completing their two-year degrees and transfering to a four-year university. Staff and counselors walk students through admission, enrollment and applying for Veterans Affairs benefits. Assistance through VA grants benefits including home loans, healthcare and life insurance to eligible applicants pursuing an education or training program.

“As veterans, they want to continue with similar public services that they experienced in the military,” said VRC Coordinator Krixa Lim. “Many lead a post-military life that includes community service and involvement by helping others to the best of their abilities.”

Valley offers a Veterans Club, which brings together current and former military members along with advocate supporters. By joining an environment of people with similar life experiences, students are met with a sense of camaraderie they are used to having served in the military.

“There is a lot of community outreach that they take with them by joining Veterans Club,” said Lim. “They are able to make friends with like-minded peers and by creating those relationships, they are able to network, which are valuable experiences students in the club take with them past their time at Valley.”

Originally termed “Armistice Day” in 1919, which celebrated the first anniversary of the end of World War l, Nov. 11 became a nationally observed holiday in 1938, paying tribute to American Veterans. The observance of Veterans Day gives thanks to all military personnel who served during times of war and peace.

After re-opening its doors in August, the Veterans Resource Center held its first in-person open house event for former military students last monday.

Veterans Club meets Thursdays at 1 p.m. in the VRC.

— Marcos Franco

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