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Brief: Valley College to have 50 percent capacity in-person classes this fall

In-person classes are to return after more than a year primarily online this fall with face to face instruction limited to half the capacity.

By Justyn Frutiz, Staff Writer

Valley College is set to return to in person instruction this fall with a 50 percent capacity, according to department chairs and an email from campus President Barry Gribbons to faculty.

The email also stated that the campus would have sanitizing wipes and automatic sanitizer dispensers in every building as well as additional staff on hand to help with the extra sanitization load. Additionally, signs will be posted on every building making it very clear the requirements to be on campus like mask wearing, social distancing and hand washing.

Classes are scheduled to be in-person this fall, but there are a small number of classes in person for the summer as well. Among these are two microbiology courses that will serve as a “test run,” according to biology Department Chair Becky Green-Marroquin.

While some professors are perfectly fine with returning to campus, others have expressed concerns on some of the protocols Valley is implementing for the return, such as not requiring that students or faculty be vaccinated.

“I am comfortable with in-person classes as long as everyone is vaccinated,” psychology Department Chair Ronald Mossler said. “By not pushing for mandatory vaccines or negative COVID tests, I think there is a lack of courage and leadership among those who can make a difference in the district and the state. Colleges and universities all over the country, as well as institutions like Staples Center, insist on this basic health guideline. LAUSD requires weekly COVID tests. At least start the conversation.”

Although Mossler offered his critiques, he added praise for Gribbons for his handling of the pandemic,

“We are fortunate to have had an opportunity to hire Dr. Gribbons. His coordination, concern, and attention has been exemplary.”

Some colleges and universities, like the University of California system, have already announced that they would have face-to-face classes back for the fall and, by all indications, Valley is on that track as well.

California has been doing much better recently in regard to COVID-19, with 25 million people total vaccinated, according to the California Department of Public Health, as the plan to reopen both the country and the state are well underway.

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