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Campus Pools in money

Valley College will rent out its aquatic center to a local high school.

By Griffin O'Rourke

The LACCD board of trustees approved a $4,611 lease last month, granting Ulysses S. Grant High School access to Valley College’s Aquatic Center.

The aquatic center consists of an olympic-sized pool, a training pool, a jacuzzi and diving boards. Grant High School will have access to the pool facilities on specific days and times until May 4. The agreement was made in accordance with the Civic Center Permit program, which allows the community and non-profit organizations to use public school facilities in conformance with the California Education Code. The money generated by the rental goes into the college’s general fund to cover the costs of utilities and staff.

"The Civic Center revenue typically doesn't generate a lot of profit,” said Valley President Barry Gribbons.

These types of leases are not new to the college. Various athletic facilities, like Monarch Stadium and the baseball fields, have been rented out to other schools in the past.

"We do want to make our facilities available to the public. We especially like to prioritize the use of our facilities by the local schools, to make sure that we're a good community partner, but we do our best to make all of our facilities available to community users," Gribbons said.

Five more leases were ratified by the LACCD board of trustees at yesterday’s meeting. The Crescenta Soccer Club will use the soccer stadium, Parking Lot G will serve as a parking and shuttle location for the Hollywood Bowl, Milken Community Schools will use Monarch Stadium, Cal State Northridge rented the baseball field until June and the campus will host the food truck Duaa Maayah dba Chicaterranean for the next year. Total income from the five new use agreements amounts to $121,632.


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