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Contraception on demand is now just a click away

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

With practically everything being readily accessible on the Internet, it is no surprise that online birth control is revolutionizing modern women’s health. 

Opinion by Sarah Best, Staff Writer

Despite what the Trump administration believes, the quality of women’s reproductive health is not something to be compromised and thanks to online birth control, women can continue exercising their fundamental right.

Revolutionary companies like Simple Health and Pill Club have remodeled the convenience of modern birth control, paving the way for what some are calling “telemedicine.” With no appointment needed, patients are able to communicate with certifiable doctors while getting the most convenient and high quality care exclusively online. Insurance is not necessary to qualify and the progressive services provided allow access to multiple forms of contraceptives at little to no cost which are delivered free and discretely to your door. 

According to the Simple Health website, all of their medications and contraceptives are sourced from “high quality pharmacy partners who are licensed to ship to you.” The company even offers the option of sending your Simple Health prescription to your local pharmacy for pickup upon request. But despite all the countless benefits provided by contraceptives, Trump has misogynistically and repeatedly threatened to withhold funding for other valuable birth control providers like Planned Parenthood. 

The Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”) is meant to legally require health insurance companies to cover the cost of most birth control methods like the pill, diaphragms and rings, sterilization procedures, and emergency contraceptives like Plan B. However, our current presidential administration is viciously targeting ObamaCare in an attempt to deny millions of women's basic reproductive health care. 

According to Planned Parenthood, “The Obama administration worked out an accommodation allowing religious-affiliated employers and schools to refuse to cover birth control on religious grounds, while ensuring their employees would still have health coverage provided directly by the health insurance company.”

Donald Trump’s provision to the Affordable Care Act is intended to give every employer, religiously-affiliated or not, the right to opt out of aiding in contraceptive coverage on the basis of religious and moral grounds. This creates an added unnecessary difficulty for women trying to obtain birth control who want to exercise their fundamental right of deciding when they do want to have a child.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a study stating that, “Sixty-two percent of women of reproductive age are currently using contraception.” In the event that Trump’s barbaric provision passes, companies like Simple Health and Pill Club are still there to provide millions of women with the reproductive health care they rightfully deserve. 

Healthcare is regulated differently by each state and not all of the doctors working for Simple Health are licensed in all 50. Though the company is currently prescribing birth control in only 19 states, they are working to expand to the rest of the country in addition to others. Pill Club, on the other hand, delivers to nearly 40 states.  

Online contraception provided by Simple Health and Pill Club are free with most insurances and you are evaluated by a real, board certified doctor. The companies allow full transparency and even encourage their patients to check the doctor’s medical license verification on the state’s medical board website for peace of mind. These amazing benefits only beg the question — further as to why the current administration would attempt to rob millions of women of such services? 

Women’s reproductive health isn’t something that should be compromised or toyed with. The best quality care provided by revolutionary telemedical teams like Simple Health and Pill Club  are granting even more women the option of obtaining contraception at little to no cost, a right that shouldn’t be negotiated.

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