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Faculty complaints lead to new ticketing policies

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Valley sheriffs will begin issuing parking citations today for students parked in restricted areas

By Valley Star Staff

Sheriffs placed a citation on a vehicle missing the "Faculty-Staff" display in Valley's parking structure. (Ivonne Elias | Valley Star)

Students parking in faculty spaces, illegal zones, or in EV spots without showing a charging receipt will be ticketed, according to an advisory email sent Friday by the campus. The ticket ranges from $35 for staff parking violations to around $65 for red zone violations. No permit is required to park in student spaces for the fall semester.

“Overwhelming complaints from staff members regarding students parking in staff parking spots are what started it,” said Sheriff Anthony Coleman, regarding the ticketing policy.

The campus had paused handing out parking tickets during the height of Covid but will require students to pay for parking in student spaces starting in the spring.

“I received an email about the parking tickets,” said student Rafaela Tigno. “I think it’s okay to enforce the rules and implement them. If it says to not park somewhere we should just follow the rules.”

According to their websites, Santa Monica and Santa Barbara colleges ticket students who park in faculty spaces and started charging for parking this semester. Their parking violations range from $35 to $53.

At Valley, all fines will be paid to a collections company with instructions stamped on the ticket.

Students can park on floors 2-4 of the parking structure and in lots B, D, E, F, and G. Lot A features both student and faculty parking.

Valley College’s Officer Press stated that the department is mindful of the fact that this is a new protocol and wants to help students adjust in any way they can.

“We are all creatures of habit, and nobody likes receiving a ticket,” Press said. “Just be aware of where you park.”


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