Get ahead or catch up; summer courses await students at Valley

Courses for the summer session are now available to enroll.

By Benjamin Royer, Staff Writer

Valley College summer courses are now available for students to enroll in. (Graphic Illustration by Vickie Guzman/The Valley Star)

With students at Valley preparing for the last four weeks of instruction leading up to finals, accelerated summer courses are now available for enrollment in order to grab a head start towards fall.

Students can access the summer schedule via the LACCD student portal, where they can select their courses through the “Manage Classes” tab. A variety of courses are offered during the summer which can allow students to reach their educational goals quicker. The summer session is split into two 5-week periods with the first half starting on June 14 and the second on July 19. Students are able to take and receive credit for classes at any of the LACCD colleges.

Summer courses can allow students to get a difficult class out of the way in a fraction of the time; being a five week semester compared to the regular 16 weeks. Taking one class instead of the three or four in the regular semester, allows more focus on the lone course at hand.

"By taking summer classes students can accelerate their progress towards their goal whether it is transfer or to earn a degree,” said Valley counselor Joyce Romero. “Since we have two sessions of summer it allows students to get additional classes and units needed."

Students are able to browse for a specific course on Valley's summer schedule that lists all classes offered during the ten week period including multiple Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) classes.

Stats 101 for example, fills the Mathematical Concepts and Quantitative Reasoning requirement on the IGETC and English 101 fills a requirement for English Composition as well. Both courses are great options for eager students.

While summer classes are accelerated, there are positives to the quicker-paced courses. One of which being that for one month of work, students get the same amount of credits for the courses as a full semester would garner. The five-week session can also make up for classes dropped during the regular semester.

“Summer courses open possibilities for fall enrollment if students need a prerequisite course,” says Romero. “They can take it in summer so they can get the required target course in fall.”

Up to three courses in the summer session can put students ahead, allow them to catch up, or let the part-timers find time to take a course.

Valley offers resources to find the right courses for students to take.

Through the Cranium Cafe, students can find appointments to meet with counselors to help them update their Student Education Plan (SEP), drawing a clear path from summer to fall. If needed, counselors can help them access financial aid over the summer session.

Since Valley anticipates a return to campus for the fall semester, taking a summer course could make the transition smoother and allow for a less stressful fall.