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LACCD Denounces Kayne West’s Recent Comments

Kayne West’s remarks and incidents continue.

By Kevin Zuniga and Asher Miles, Staff Writers

Los Angeles Community College District chancellor Francisco C. Rodriguez recently denounced remarks made by Ye, previously known as Kanye West on the behalf of the district board of trustees and district administration.

Ye’s recent comments on various social media platforms, podcasts and television appearances have been widely deemed as antisemitic. The music mogul appeared on the Drink Champs podcast and was invited for an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson that involves similar remarks and conspiracies. A few weeks later, a banner was hung by the Goyim Defense League (which is known for espousing white supremacist ideology) on 405 freeway overpasses reading “Kanye was right about the Jews.”

“I felt annoyed at the banner, because in 2022 there are still people who think the same way as Hitler,” said third-year Valley College student Devida Osher. “I grew up in Israel and I’ve met a lot of holocaust deniers — denying my existence and the suffering of my people is horrendous to me.”

While appearing on the Drink Champs podcast with hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, Ye baselessly speculated about the origins of Jewish wealth and a supposed judaic origin for all Black people. He persistently criticized what he called the “Jewish media” and even suggested that George Floyd was killed by fentanyl. Both Youtube and the Revolt Franchise’s website removed the podcast after receiving an immense amount of backlash for the American rapper’s comments.

Ye’s frequent antisemitic comments on social media prompted Twitter and Instagram to ban his account and for companies to cut ties with him. Balenciaga, Adidas and GAP broke their business relationships with Ye, as well as JPMorgan Chase, which closed the fashion designer’s bank account.

“The national holocaust museum in D.C. offered Kanye West a private tour,” said Hillel 818 organizer Max Winer. “They always do when a big named celebrity does something antisemitic — it’s a wonderful practice.”


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