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Monarchs springing toward the finish line

Students take advantage of campus facilities as they prepare for finals week.

By Jasmine Alejandre, Staff Writer

Valley College student Anna Argueta studies for finals at the campus library. (Ash Shafa/The Valley Star)

The last few weeks of the spring semester look different for each student. Some eagerly wait in long lines at the student bookstore to purchase their cap and gowns, while others fuel themselves with caffeine as they study for finals.

Whatever the case is, one thing is for certain: there’s a lot of stress to go around.

“These past few weeks my stress has been over the top, around a ten,” said Leslie Florentino, who will be attending CSUN in the fall with a major in Chicano studies. “I'm already done with finals, but when I was taking them I had to take walks and breaks.”

For students who have not yet completed their finals, there is the Finals Late Night Crunch Time, a four day event hosted by The Valley College Academic Resource Center and the ASU. Crunch time is an opportunity for students to have a place to study and get help during this tense time. The study sessions are being held at the cafeteria from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. This event was only from Monday through Friday, the week before finals.

At the sessions, students were provided amenities such as free snacks and coffee. There was free tutoring available for those who needed it, for nearly every subject. Free massages were also available.

“I usually listen to music and try to get my mind to stop racing, then I take it step by step,” said Rachel Hansen, a Valley student whose major is undecided. “I think this was a great opportunity for everyone to come together as a community and help each other out.”

Every student deals with their stress differently, some through studying and taking breaks, others through activities such as art. Valley has had events this whole semester for students who prefer other methods to destress themselves and relax. The art gallery hosted various creativity and wellness workshops through their Art Is Good For You series. The latest one, Drawing Experiments and Deep Breathing, taught students breathing techniques that helped promote calmness.

“The workshops are always important, especially during finals week,” said Jenene Nagy, associate professor of art and the art gallery director. “It's important for students to find time to be present and to give themselves permission to take a break and rejuvenate.”

The workshop series wasn’t the only activity available to Monarchs. The Student Health Center held Yoga Relaxation Sessions, which were led by instructors and taught students to relax and learn techniques.

Whether it is by listening to music or by doing stretches, everyone is doing their best to get through their last weeks of classes all in one piece.


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