New captain of the ship for Softball

Updated: Oct 20

Andrea Contreras is the new appointed head coach following last season’s outcome of a 7-23 record

By Nicholas Orozco, Sports Editor

New head coach Andrea Contreras watching Cynthia Torres and making adjustments to mechanics. (Jeremy Ruiz | Valley Star)

Andrea Contreras takes over the softball program following former head coach Greg Vegner stepping down following last season.

Following last season's losing streak with an overall record of 7-23, after four years at the helm, head coach Greg Venger stepped down, allowing Contreras to take the wheel.

“The changes come from more involvement on my end,” said Contreras. “I’m not just there to assist, I am there to be more of a leader for them.”

As a student herself, the coach received her bachelor's degree in Kinesiology at Cal Baptist University. She is now on track to receive her master’s degree in education from National University.

The new head coach understands the struggles of chasing education while also being a student athlete. She wants to lead by example, be open and approachable when it comes to common struggles.The former collegiate athlete understands athletics is not the only focus these young women should have. While the importance of academics is on her mind, she is also looking for young women to join her squad that can manage their time and be available to help the team.

The former athlete of Mt. Sac and Mission college is looking to run the show and make positive changes in which she can shape this program into her own.

Contreras initially started off with the program as assistant coach following a recommendation from Venger back in 2017. Since then she has assisted Venger in achieving a record of 60-61 in assisting Vegner. He led his team to two winning seasons during the 2018 and 2019 seasons, since COVID-19 his winning seasons have become losing seasons.

“She’s been here as an assistant since 2017, so it will be exciting for her [Contreras],” said athletic director and baseball head coach Dave Mallas. “We’re really excited for her.”

With a change of head coach also comes a change of pace within the team. Following the first few changes she intends to make, she is determined to build a team around commitment to the program.

She intends to build a very dedicated softball program. As head coach, Contreras hopes to be more involved with her players by being a welcoming leader, allowing more communication between the coach and players.

“I think the program under Venger was ran extremely well,” said Contreras. “I would like to just add my own lil sprinkle to it.”

As the softball program is in new hands, Contreras would like to keep the relative outline of her program the same as last. The biggest change she would like to see out of her women is the commitment to her program and her players dedicate time to put more time into the program.

Softball practice is three times a week prior to the season, and once the season begins practice will become mandatory and daily. This will also include trips to the weight room and conditioning.

These changes are already in effect, with other relative changes she intends to make she will look to slowly implement other changes as the season comes ever closer.

Last season, the transitional effects from COVID-19, combined with players not focused on softball, hamstrung the team. Contreras wants to make this program more serious –– a softball first program.

“Now it’s her program,” said Mallas.

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