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Paint a Pot Event

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, ASU gathered and taught students traditional hispanic pottery painting techniques.

By Morgan Bertsch, Staff Writer

A Valley student takes her time painting flowers around her pot as part of the ASU even that celebrates Hispanic Heritage month. (Ivonne Elias | Valley Star)

Students of every age, gender, and background gathered to learn about Talavera pottery and its artistic cultural background In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Talavera pottery was introduced to Mexico during the 15th century by Spanish settlers and has been used in Mexico ever since. It is a style of pottery that is traditionally used for decoration. Talavera uses strong patterns and colors that represent how the artist feels or to depict a scene.

Many students painted and socialized with one another on Sept. 7 in the Student Union Plaza.

“I painted my favorite video game character Spyro the Dragon,” said first year art major Angelica Harvey.

People who painted pots had the opportunity to keep them or give them up to ASU to be shown at a future event for Hispanic Heritage Month which lasts until Oct.15.

“I think it’s a really great event because it’s outside, there is music, and I love painting,” said Alina Lysake, a first year computer science major. “I think a lot of people really enjoy the atmosphere.”

ASU sponsored the event in hopes of engaging students and showing them the diverse events and cultures that dominate the campus.

“This event is to gather student engagement and make students aware that there are other cultures on campus. I like to make students feel welcomed and involved” said Ammy Duarte, commissioner of culture and ethnic affairs.

Hispanic Heritage month began as a weeklong celebration in 1968, and was later turned into a month-long holiday in 1988.


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