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Speaker motivates scholars

By Savannah Simmons, Opinion Editor

Keynote speaker, William Allen Young, spoke at Valley College about motivation, discovering your gifts and developing them through hard work at an event held by the Black Scholars. During the last week of Black History Month, Monarch Hall was filled with club members, students and professors listening to his energetic and powerful speech.

After attending El Camino Community College, Allen went from student speech and debate champion at USC to Hollywood actor in major roles including Brandy’s father on “Moesha.” His story was only the beginning of what his keynote was meant to do for the students of Valley College.

He left an impact on students after his speech, leaving them to look at themselves and realize what he meant about gaining control of their path and becoming what they want to be.

Students asked questions and shared thanks at the end of Young’s keynote which showed how he captivated his audience and got them to grasp what he was saying. Young became a mirror to anyone who was lost by telling the audience that to accomplish their goals, they must be willing to keep pushing for greatness, mediocrity will not be accepted.

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