Update on Spring and Summer Courses

LACCD released an announcement about the future of online classes as well as an update on how they will be graded.

By Sarah Best, News Editor

In addition to new information regarding the pass/no pass grading option, LACCD Chancellor Francisco C. Rodriguez announced that classes will continue to held online through the remainder of the spring and summer semesters.

The April 10 news release stated that all nine LACCD community colleges will continue to be held online through June 8 in order to preserve the safety of staff and students. All summer courses are expected to begin as scheduled on June 15 and will also be held entirely online.

“LACCD faculty and staff will continue to ensure effective remote learning and teaching; student support services,” commented Rodriguez. “Administrative and business services for the 150,000 students and personnel involved in the Spring 2020 semester who are impacted by the changes as a result of the District’s emergency response.”

Priority registration for summer classes is open from May 4 to May 17 and regular registration begins May 18. Additional classes may be added to the summer session and the district will resume in-person classes if the state of the virus improves. As for now, students can expect to receive a text message reminder about their registration deadlines.

California Community College Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley released Executive Order 2020-02 on March 27, an order concerning the pass/no pass grading options.

“Due to the existing state of emergency, strict adherence to the following sections of title 5 of the California Code of Regulations will create barriers to the continuity of educational services and are hereby temporarily suspended,” according to the order. “The requirement that students must elect to be evaluated in a course on a letter grade or on a pass/no pass basis either upon enrollment or no later than the end of the first 30 percent of the term is suspended.”

This means that students are no longer constrained to the unit restriction associated with pass/no pass grading. May 10 is both the deadline to drop a class with a W/EW through the LAVC Portal, as well as to petition for a pass/no pass grade basis. Also mentioned in the order, students can request to repeat a course by presenting a case of “extenuating circumstance” as brought on by COVID-19’s inherent forcing of the transition to online learning.

The chancellor’s statement ended with, “This executive order shall remain in full force and effect as long as the declaration of the COVID-19 state of emergency is in place, or the expiration of Section 52020, whichever is earlier.”

A letter issued on April 7 from LACCD to students contains a link with the document “Pass/No Pass Grade Petition.” Though the letter encourages students to reach out to their counselor to discuss how it may affect their specific situation, the completed form can be emailed to petitions@lavc.edu from the student email address.