Valley College hands students the keys to online success

Weekend Computer Coding Boot Camp offers mobile app coding instruction.

By Jerry Ough, Staff Writer

The Valley College Computer Science Department recently threw open the doors of the Engineering building to the public and offered a free weekend computer coding class for both experienced programmers and beginners alike.

The goal of the class was to teach attendees how to write computer programs for mobile and online applications. The 12 hours of instruction featured hands-on coding sessions with teams of students working on projects. Organizers offer the coding camp as a way to encourage attendees to consider enrolling at Valley.

Computer Science and Information Systems Department Chair Michael Rahni said the coding boot camp was open to both college and high school students as well as members of the community.

According to Rahni, the class is part of a Computer Science Department initiative focused on preparing students for job opportunities.

“There are lots of high paying jobs but they require technical skills and the computer field covers different job prospects everywhere,” said Rahni. “Information technology is leading other job sectors in job opportunities. Everywhere you look, there’s a computer program, there’s software, there’s a need to develop and write the codes, test the codes and run them on different devices.”

Rahni was especially excited about the coding camp because he said students did not need previous computer experience. He said the collaborative projects assigned to teams of students are a valuable opportunity for novices and experts to work together.

Rahni said the class covers the basic mechanics of coding and introduces a simple programming environment for students. He added that anyone with programming experience will learn something new, and the more advanced programmers are a great resource for beginners.

Valley computer science major Zachary Gunning said even though he has more advanced skills and knowledge, the coding boot camp was something he was still eager to do.

Adam Makhyoun, a former Valley student and UC Santa Barbara graduate, stopped by the camp to pick up a few tips.

“I just want to enhance my coding knowledge and maybe make some applications,” said Makhyoun. “Coding has no limits. It lets you use your creativity in any way you can.”

Valley will offer the boot camp in the spring semester. Those interested can email the department at