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Valley View: Fake News

Question: How do you think social media should handle fake news?

Text by Sarah Best, Staff Writer

Photos by Mickie Shaw, Multimedia Editor

“I think the people that lie about should definitely be held accountable for whatever lies that they’re doing, and I don’t think that happens a lot because a lot of the people that tell these lies are not from America so it’s a little bit hard. You don’t know what you’re going to end up with so it’s really difficult. I don’t know how they can be held accountable if they’re not in America but you can try.” — Neiman Lofton, 23, Film/TV

“We need reliable sources and if they’re not then they should be deleted right away.” — Lili Aguirrebarrena, 19, 2D Art

“I think they shouldn’t even continue networking it. But then again, how can you tell what’s real and what’s fake news.” — Antonio Ramirez, 27, Anthropology

“Of course the idea is that you don't want fake news, you only want the truth. How can we determine what the truth is because it’s all subjective.” — Pamela Doran, 24, Physics

“Facebook is where the majority of people get their news from so there should be a disclaimer or something.” — Tommi Nichols, 25, Biology

“Truth is not subjective. There’s true and false, and it’s not opinion-based. I feel like right now I’ve seen a lot of people I know share stuff but don’t realize that it’s false. But if you press on the link and scroll all the way down it’ll tell you that it’s false, but people don’t read that. I feel like that should just be up front so people can know that instead of at the very bottom.” — Andranik Nazaryan, 24, Political Science

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