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Valley View: Reproductive Health

Question: How do you feel about any administration having the power to restrict women's reproductive health?

Text by Sarah Best, Staff Writer, and Lexie Macias

Photos by Mickie Shaw, Multimedia Editor

“I think that should be on us. I don’t think anybody should be able to tell us, as women, what we can and can’t do. Because who are they to us? They’re not going to foot the bill, they’re not going to be there to help or support us.” Raelynn Shleppey, 39, Student Coach

“I don’t think it’s ok. I don't think that it's right, obviously. They have no control over what we do with our bodies. And it’s not considerate, obviously they’re not processing it. I don’t think it’s fair, man or woman, they shouldn’t have a say in what we can do with our bodies.” Ruby Moreno, 28, Respiratory Therapy

“I think it’s my body so I should be able to control what goes into it or what doesn’t go into it. Other people’s opinion shouldn’t matter and other peoples' control shouldn’t determine my choices.” Sandi Shamunee, 26, Respiratory Therapy

“I feel like they shouldn’t. I think it’s pretty black and white. I think being able to restrict women’s reproductive rights makes access inaccessible for those women. I think that when you do that it makes their lives intrinsically harder and unnecessary. Being able to do that is pretty problematic.” Khamani Griffin, 20, Communication

“I don’t think it’s right. Everyone should be entitled to their decisions and what they should be able to do, so it’s really restricting the rights of someone, in terms of women at least to make their own decisions and what they want to do with their health and their lifestyles and their bodies.” Nick Bonilla, 20, Criminal Justice

“I don’t think they should make it that hard because it’s already like that, so I think they should make it more easy.” Shazia Hlssian, 21, Fashion Design

“There shouldn’t be any influence and it should actually be made easier. I’m not the one that has to deal with it. I kind of feel bad about it but all I can say is that it should be easier for women.” Bryan Martinez, 20, Business

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