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Valley View: Sexual Assault

Question: What do you think about the backlash against sexual assault victims who come forward?

Text by Sarah Best, Staff Writer

Photos by Mickie Shaw, Multimedia Editor

“I think it’s messed up to think that. They’re the victim so you should believe what they’re saying. If what they’re saying is true, there should be no backlash.” — DJ King, 20, Film

“I think it’s wrong. I think everyone should be respected, especially with something like that. I don’t think they have enough of a voice.” — Kyle Cordesco, 20, Business

“I think that’s really offensive. They don’t really deserve that type of hatred especially because clothes don’t even matter. That's not the issue since the issue is somebody that needs to control themselves.” — Kaitlyn Gonzalez, 19, Graphic Design

“I feel like people are just trying to find small things to help accommodate what happened. It’s a tragic thing and no one wants to admit that it happened. They’re trying to find like a scapegoat. Something they want to put blame towards because they don’t want it to be out there.” — Hovhannes Av, 19, Undecided

“I think it sucks and I think it's not right. But I guess it’s people’s opinion who think its okay to have backlash on other people.” — Renee Johnson, 30, Respiratory Therapy

“I don’t think that’s cool. I mean, if you’re speaking out for something like that you shouldn’t be reprimanded at all. You should have everybody supporting you.” — Kailee Groveman, 23, Liberal Studies

“It’s really not right. It shouldn’t be more about it being their fault like asking questions. It’s basically persuading them to make them believe it’s their fault.” — Christopher Guzman, 17, Undecided

“More should be done to make them feel like they can come clean with their story. They should be able to feel comfortable telling their story without being questioned about it and people are making it seem like it’s their fault that it happened.” — Hannah Funches, 17, Architecture

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