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Arts festival painted light on Monarch’s creativity

The annual Fine Arts Festival took place on Monday, which was hosted by the student union.

By Jasmine Alejandre, Staff Writer

Student Eliana Levi presents her artwork to ASU Commissioner of Fine Arts Mia Sanchez at the Fine Arts Festival in Monarch Hall. (Elli Bayati | Valley Star)

Monarchs came together on May 8 to celebrate each other’s art made during a stressful semester at Valley College’s annual Fine Arts Festival in Monarch Hall.

The ASU Fine Arts Commissioner, Mia Sanchez, planned this event and took inspiration from past Art Festivals. Last year, Valley held the festival online due to Covid-19 restrictions.

“Students who participated got the chance to celebrate art in a space where they feel comfortable to create work in different mediums.” said Sanchez. “Whether that be visually or through film, they could express themselves however they want creatively.”

Her goal was to celebrate the students' creativity, so there was no prize awarded to a certain student. Students participated to share their work and connect with others who like art as well. Any student was able to participate, it was just limited to those in the art department, or art majors. Any work made throughout the semester was welcomed, as long as it was appropriate.

There were paintings made from a variety of different things, from acrylic, to embroidery. One of the participants, Harper Fortsmith, made a sculpture of a spider-like figure, out of tree branches and other supplies. Sanchez displayed some of her art as well, which had pieces of glass she bought off amazon for a few dollars.

In total 10 students submitted work. The students who submitted art pieces were Diana Vargas, Ani Batmazyan, Mia Sanchez, Harper Fortsmith, Melissa Besecker, Eliana Levi, Erick Portillo, Sarai Ortiz, Bella Mendias, and Lilia Hawtyunyan.

“I spent at least two hours on each one.” said Eliana Levi, one of the artists. “I feel like it's really refreshing because I finally have a place to put my work and my name out there.”

Another one of the participants, ASU Commissioner of Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Erick Portillo, displayed his art made during the Bob Ross Painting Day event held by the student board last year in September.

“Mine turned out more gloomy than the tutorial’s and I added different things as I went.” said Portillo. “My art is very elusive and has no boundaries or borders, everything is mixed together.”

At the event not only were paintings and sculptures, but there was also a showing of student films made throughout the semester. There were four students who submitted independent films; they were Jonathan Clark, Tristin Mun, Luciana Serrano, and Marc Palomo.

The films were not about anything specific, just whatever the students wanted to create and felt passionate about. One of the films was even made about mimes.

The event had a free photo booth and props for students to capture memories of the day. Lunch was provided by the cafeteria, and Valley’s radio KVCM, was broadcasting live from the event.


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